The main idea of the houses with square main plan designed for by 3+1 Architects is the incurrence of the so-called " core“ of the closed room and inter-floor stairs to the entrance side of the house. The described solution levels all outdoor walls of the house open, by providing considerably more openness and spaciouness to it which is an outstanding advantage case of a small house. 

The capacities of floors have been shifted in case buildings respectively by 1,2 m gable and 3 m slab roof so that the rooms on the second floor would be as rational as possible.

The windows of the form large areas. One opening enlightens several rooms. The wide-openness keeps the architectural clarity and beauty of the building also in case of different usage of material. the facade of the buildings have no varying different  material.

The main equipment of the house has everything necessary: entry, dressing-room. living-dining room, two toilets, kitchen, bathroom, three bedrooms, stair hall/office/library.

The extra modules of  different size and configuration can be ordered as the additional equipment, the components of which are sauna with entrance, laundry, store-room, shelter(s) of car or garage and terrace.

The useful area of the main volume of the houses is 121,6 m2.

The area of extra modules is created according to the chosen module 18,1 - 66,1 m2.

Our houses are the wooden carcass houses made of elements produced in the plant, the facade material of witch can be chosen either the coloured weatherboard, facade veneer, cement fibreboard or Marmor facade stone. The Facades of the extra modules are covered with the transparent layer plastic.

The house are the buildings without cellar. The maximum height of the roof by the designed houses is up to 7,00 m. The car parking is solved with the car shelter (s) added to the building which take one car parking place per one shelter into account. The extra parking places could be next the main entrance.

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