The interior decoration plates can make the interior more original and cheerful with natural wood and with different finishing methods.

The plywood boards
have been made of the damp-proof  birch plywood and respectively either simply glazed or stained and glazed. The birch plywood itself has a simple and peaceful pattern, the stain brings the plywood structure better to the fore and incites the surface. The edges of the plywood board are also decorative and these might be hidden with the slat or thick layer of paint. The possible choices can be examined in our salon in Suurtüki 4a.

The veneer boards consist mainly of Alpi or natural veneer which is glued to the MDF-board. The thickness of the board from 9 mm up to 30 mm is possible. The recommended thickness of the decorative board to be intalled to the inner rooms is 12 mm, but this also depends on the size of the board.
The veneer board can be also made of the veneer and plywood, if the decorative edges needs to be brought to th fore. In this case the edges of the board are stained with the upper surface of the same tone or just glazed. The choice of veneer can be examined in our veneer selector and in our salon in Suurtüki 4a.

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