Facade veneer

Facade veneer

  • The boards are stained and 2 times glased (with interim finishing) or painted.
  • The industrial paints of Teknos are used in finishing.
  • The colour tones can be chosen fro any colour card, but the most preferred are of the outer colour of Teknos. See also "colour selector".
  • We use veneer with the format 1.22x2.44 m, as this matches best with the carcass of the wood car cass house (60cm).
  • Prior to finishing we cut the boards to the sizes provided by the client.
  • The weather-mouldings are cut to the edges of the board.
  • The edges of the boards have been processed with special paint which avoids the occurrence of humidity inbetween the veneer layers.

  • The boards can be attached to the wall with screws (the head of which can be painted with the same tone with the board) or special glue.
  • KOPKOP also offers the installation (also the installation of the heating and carcass) and the later maintenance.



Industrially painted facade veneer

rice including VAT

Damp-proof birch veneer, thickness 12 mm

  Facade veneer

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