Cornace salt
Belt board
Window cornace
Window distance slat

Estonian-time (before II WW) profiles

The Estonian-time profiles are suitable for the renovation or reconstruction of very old houses. The profiles are different of various types, one selection of which has been provided on this page. As a special order the new weatherboards, cornices or slats with the same profile can be made according to one's old board profile. the Estonian-time profiles are offered as even or plane surfaced. the boards can be ordered as half peg or full peg.  

The prices provided are valid for the painted materials.

Material   Cross-section (mm)   Humidity %   Quality   Retail price including
VAT from
EAV 18x145  <18%   TK+OK    
EAH  18x145 <18%   TK+OK    
Cornice slat
60x120 <18%   TK+OK  

Cornice slat
45*95 <18%   TK+OK  

Window distance slat
18x95/120 <18%   TK+OK  
Weatherboard 45x145 <18%   TK+OK  
Belt board
45x145 <18%   TK+OK  
Window cornice
60x120 <18%   TK+OK  

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