The square house might not be boring and facetted, but very functional and bright. As to our houses the content rather paved the way to the form and the final solution became in every way perfect and admirable.

The Estonian top players, 3+1 Architects in cooperation with one of the most appreciated Estonian constructor, Tõnu Peipman, have created the house upon the request of Kopkop which would be beautiful, functional, clean, rational, bright and also timeless. The clean form of this house already attracts you with its honesty. If you enter this house and go deep into its logics, its disarming and fascinating room solution reveals. Just a standard house, but the one bearing the high quality values of our cultural room, it is an unfound answer to your delicate taste. Surely, you can add here, if required, more necessary and useful objects in the face of extra modules and make this house more appropriate for yourself, but in its nature it is already ideal and will be like that.

The house has no useless corridors and labyrinths. The focal “core” of the house made of the closed rooms and inter-floor stairs leaves all outer walls of the house clean and untouched which makes a very bright and spacious house of this small house at a time. Windows are numerous and with wide area to add architectural clarity and aesthetics and every window enlightening more than one room makes the room solution of this house very open-planned.

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